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Meet Yaw Junior Abrampah Danquah (Student at Kings College London) – Gen Z Talks UK Event Ambassador – 03.10.2021

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Meet Yaw Junior Abrampah Danquah (Student at Kings College London) – Gen Z Talks UK Event Ambassador – 03.10.2021

About Yaw

Hi, I’m Yaw Junior. I’m from Ghana and am studying Biomedical Engineering at King’s College London.

I am passionate about exploring the attitudes towards work and learning key skills associated with it, such as emotional intelligence, building meaningful relationships as well as entrepreneurship.
I am a keen networker and enjoy building relationships across the generation spectrum where I am curious to learn different perspectives and have access to the range of different experiences and skills people of all ages offer.

1) What attracted you to the Gen Z Talks Platform?

A: It’s foundation. Storytelling, nurturing connections across generations, entrepreneurship. This platform will help me in relation to connecting with others and focusing on ideas that matter in this day!
2) Q: What would I say are the biggest problems facing Gen Z? 
A: Direction and purpose. Approaching these ideas is not always straight forward given I live in an area packed with opportunity. Society’s rapid pace does not make navigating these ideas easy. New job titles are generating out of thin air. As time prevails, ‘purpose.’ is becoming less taboo regarding discussion.
3) Q: What about problems facing previous generations?
A: Some older relatives I’ve spoken to face a form of imposter syndrome. They believe that they are ‘past it.’ in relation to pursuing ambition. Some had a dampened valuation of their accolades. The excitement towards Gen Z may be a double sided sword. Dismissive of previous generations? Regardless, capability is a mentality.
4) Q: What value is there bringing younger people together with professionals in the workplace?
A: Inspires them to persue more.  Proximity with a role I’m pursuing reinforces the idea that said goal is attainable. Improves emotional intelligence, interacting with a person with other experiences to myself allows me to establish empathy with concepts I’m not familiar with.
5) Q: What topics would you like to be spoken about at Gen Z talks events?
A: Investing, cryptocurrency, mental health, purpose & direction, workplace dynamics – any topic with stigma attached.
6) Q: What Impact wouldI like Gen Z talks to create?
A: Proximity with intergenerational conversation in a nonjudgmental environment. Shedding light on issues that can be difficult to navigate within and beyond the world of work. Tackle imposter syndrome by providing proximity with people who have gone above and beyond. More importantly, showcase the power that conversation has.
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