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Introducing Alicia Tien – Gen Z Talks Speaker (Asia) – Gen Z Talks Global Event

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July 1, 2022
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Introducing Alicia Tien – Gen Z Talks Speaker (Asia) – Gen Z Talks Global Event

We recently caught up with Alicia Tien from China, who is representing the Gen Z Asia voice at our upcoming global event, to take place on the 13th July at 8am UK time


You can book your ticket by clicking on this link – HERE


1) Tell us a bit about who you are and what your background is?

Hi, I’m the CEO of Qfinity, a China-ASEAN technology accelerator that drives business expansion projects in the RCEP region. I specialise in market access and innovative projects, where I worked with startups, corporates, governments and universities across ASEAN, China and Europe. Currently, I am passionate about building an inclusive tech ecosystem between China and ASEAN. I lead an entrepreneurship development program, and Women in Power, a community of women in tech in Asia. I  am also an alumni at Tsinghua University, London School of Economics and the University of Manchester.


2) What are your biggest passions and interests when it comes to work?

Enabling others, learning about tech advancements and helping to integrate that across businesses to be more inclusive and sustainable for more generations to come.


3) What has been your biggest achievement to date?
Entering my dream school for Masters at age 19


4) What exciting projects/businesses are you currently working on?
– Building an accelerator between China and ASEAN, to enable businesses to expand sustainably between these markets.
– Building a talent program to enable talents to learn about entrepreneurship

– Running Women In Power


Women In Power is a community for female entrepreneurs, tech leaders, investors, and connectors across Asia and beyond.. We are here to create a more inclusive and sustainable tech ecosystem that welcomes the creativity that comes with diversity by connecting, involving and inspiring women.

Our events focus is on sustainability, deep tech, and entrepreneurship, and we bring together industry professionals to share their experiences, market insights, and resources while establishing a strong WIP community.

Currently focusing in Asia, our founders and community members have global backgrounds spanning three continents and are currently focusing on Asia.


5) What would you like to have achieved by this time next year?
To have directly inspired at least 200 other youths, and to have a stronger ecosystem inclusive of stakeholders from all 10 ASEAN countries.


6) Why is the Gen Z voice so important in the world of work today?
We are the now and future of workforce, and consumers! Gen Z have a different set of mindset and values from the previous generations, and it will shape the future.


7) What do you want the Gen Z Talks event to achieve?
For diverse and global voices to reach, inspire and empower every participant to believe that they are the future.

You can follow Alicia by clicking here – Alicia Tien

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