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Gen Zer of the Month (January) Matt Swain, (London, UK)

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January 28, 2022
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February 18, 2022

Gen Zer of the Month (January) Matt Swain, (London, UK)

The last two years have been a bumpy journey for a lot of young people, filled with uncertainty and isolation, which has had a huge impact on Gen Z’s confidence. However, there were many who embraced the uncertain times we are living in to not only to improve themselves, but to also help others around them.


Our Gen Zer of the month for January Matt Swain has been on a truly inspiring journey, that has not only opened exciting doors for himself during this difficult period, but has also gone a long way in inspiring other young people to take action and create a dream life for themselves.

Matt is 23 years of age from London and at 18 he was chasing a career and life path that most do at that age. A fancy corporate job, getting on the property ladder as soon as possible and a flashy car to drive around in. Matt was making positive steps to achieve these goals, but it soon drained him and wasn’t at all fulfilling. He eventually pivoted and embraced on an intense but rewarding journey of self-development, a journey which aligned more to who he is and one which ticked all the fulfillment boxes.

Many young people feel pressure either from their parents or society to go down the traditional path of success. Some are also simply unaware of what steps to take to chase their dream job/lifestyle which aligns with them. So how did Matt go about in taking those first few steps into creating his dream life?.



“Working with Steven Bartlett was surreal”


When we caught up with him he discussed a big early step he took which led to the opportunity to work with Dragons Den and Diary of a CEO host Steven Bartlett, Matt stated “It came through posting online. Steven came across my website, blog and social channels and loved what I shared and my mindset – so offered me a role in his personal team through DM’s! Crazy and surreal as I had been following his journey for about 3 years before that”.

This was very much just the beginning for Matts who has gone from strength to strength since. Matt has achieved enormous success on LinkedIn in a very relatively short period of time, as a result of the value he has been consistently, including his journey which is empowering people from all age groups to take those first steps to create a life which is fulfilling and aligns with them.


“Consistency and looking at ways to constantly improve has been key”


When we asked Matt about the secret of his success he stated, “My recent success on LinkedIn I think is testament to consistently working on a goal and seeing the results. Each day I post, I look at ways I can improve my content, share my story more authentically and be more creative. Over time, this compounds into something really cool – as I have seen with my personal LinkedIn!”

In addition to working with some of the most high profile and successful CEO’s on their social media strategy, some of the other key projects Matt has been working on includes writing a book called Breaking Free which focuses on his journey and shares valuable advice on how others can break free to create a dream life that aligns with them. He has also recently launched a valuable newsletter called Mind Gym. We highly recommend you check them out by clicking on the links.

We look forward to seeing what lies ahead for Matt, who is constantly breaking down new barriers and in doing so is inspiring others around him to do the same. Another exciting year awaits for Matt and we can’t wait to see what else he goes onto achieve!


You can follow Matt’s journey here;

Matt’s LinkedIn

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Mind Gym 

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