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“A Conference Like No Other” Business and Education Leaders Gather For Future Fwd – Enabling Next Gen Conference

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July 7, 2022
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“A Conference Like No Other” Business and Education Leaders Gather For Future Fwd – Enabling Next Gen Conference


Business, Education Leaders and a talented Next Gen Panel from across the UK headed to Warwick earlier this week, for the Future Fwd conference, hosted by the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation.


Gen Z Talks were a proud Champion Partner for the ground breaking event, which captured inspiration, collaboration and innovation throughout the two days. This Education conference reimagined, focused on future generations, and how we can ensure that the young people of today and tomorrow can succeed in a fast-changing world.


Day 1 – “Next Gen Panel Star for a day of insightful and inspiring discussions”



The event kicked off in style with a brilliant Next Gen Panel discussion, which we are proud to have assisted with. This was hosted by the very impressive Sam Watson and some of the panellists included Jake Richings, Tanya Marwaha, Alex Otubanjo, Orianna Acheampong and Edward Lawrence.

The 45 minute session covered topics such as representation, mental health, how to ignite an entrepreneurial mindset in the classroom and more. The conversation had the 300 strong audience hanging on their every word, with so much valuable insights and ideas shared from start to finish.



There were then a number of talks taking place throughout the day, which covered Industry & Business, Entrepreneurship, Tech & Gaming, Curriculum Innovation and Arts & Culture. This was then followed by a fantastic evening reception and town hall discussions in the beautiful grounds of Warwick Castle.

The attendees gathered for canapés, drinks and to hear insightful discussions from the Next Gen Speakers who spoke on a topic of their choice in various locations around the castle. There was also a chance to network and make some fantastic connections.


Day 2 – Attendees split into groups for roundtable discussions which resulted in a number of next steps to explore


The second day was all about reflection, innovation and producing a number of actionable next steps, with the aim being to raise the bar for education and to help bridge the gap between education and the world of work.

Passionate and healthy debates took place, especially between those in education and business, as to where the barriers lie in being able to provide the next generation with the education and opportunities they need.




Our Founder Dan Sullivan was part of the roundtable discussions and he stated “The discussions raised a number of key issues which need to be addressed, which included the poor career advice students were receiving, the lack of opportunities to interact with employers as schools don’t have time or simply don’t have the connections, as well as to how to ignite students passions”.

Dan added, “The pandemic has had a massive negative impact on the confidence young people have with their futures and this needs to be addressed though better career advice, work experience opportunities and wellbeing support. At Gen Z Talks, we are fully committed to supporting and implementing new initiatives that help to bridge the gap between education and work and leave young people feeling more fulfilled, equipped and confident about their futures”.



The conference came to a close with some more networking opportunities and a chance to speak to some of the students at Warwick, about how they were feeling about their futures. Many spoke beyond their years and with a desired passion to be part of future discussions and projects. Collaboration is going to be key going forward and this 2 day conference has built a solid foundation for positive changes to happen in the very near future.

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