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5 Key Things to Consider For Creating A Successful Career Event For Gen Z – By Dan Sullivan

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5 Key Things to Consider For Creating A Successful Career Event For Gen Z – By Dan Sullivan

Career events are desperately in need of an uplift, so what is the key to creating a fun, engaging event which results in high impact for not only young people’s careers but also for businesses?


Our Founder Dan Sullivan identifies 5 key factors to consider for organising a successful career event for young people today.


By Dan Sullivan

Founder of Gen Z Talks


1) Creating a truly memorable experience!

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There is a stigma attached to career events that has developed over many years. This has been as a result of repetitive uninspiring environments and activities, which can lead to a damaging impact on a young person’s motivation to learn and develop themselves going forward.

Creating unique engaging experiences and an empowering and fun environment during a careers event, is therefore key to holding young people’s attention, as well as building their confidence, clarity and empowerment to go and pursue their dream job.

At Gen Z Talks we are always more than happy to discuss with you how to go about creating memorable experiences and would be delighted if you wished to come along to one of our future events, or if you wanted to collaborate on an event.


2) Active Participation

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Gen Z are a pro active generation who have raised the bar for the quality of content required to catch their attention. Listening to a speaker delivering a lengthy career related talk (no matter how valuable) often doesn’t go down well. Most of the young audience would have switched off very easily, especially with many likely to have several personal projects on the go (located on their phone), which all of a sudden become their focus as the event goes on.

Gen Z crave active interaction, which allows them to put forward ideas, perspectives, whilst building meaningful relationships face to face with people in the group. Creating intergenerational tables, with lead speakers to instigate conversations on key topics works very well, is a fantastic learning experience and meaningful relationships are formed very quickly.

In addition, creating audience focused events, rather than speaker focused will go a long way in creating an event to remember and one which will benefit the futures of many young people.

Career/Success story talks are still very valuable, but keeping them short (around 5 minutes) will be key in keeping the attention of the audience.


3) Speakers – Relatable Gen Z Role Models

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Gen Z are now more than ever looking to other young people of similar age, when it comes to career guidance and inspiration.

Platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat all demonstrate the knowledge, talent and experiences young people have built up, which in turn is raising the credibility and value of young people’s advice ,which other young people are keen to listen to.

With the world of work having changed so rapidly during the pandemic, young people are also more inspired by people of similar age who have recently made the jump from education to the world of work and have had to overcome challenges that are unique to their generation.

The Gen Z’s voice is increasing in its value and influence and other young people know it. Businesses are just as keen to listen to Gen Z’s voice, to understand what motivates them and attracts them to companies today, as well as to hear their fresh perspectives and ideas which can benefit their business.


4) Intergenerational Networking

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Slowly the stigma attached to networking is being taken away and it is becoming more accessible for those from disadvantaged backgrounds and young people in general.

Gen Z very much crave face to face interactions, especially with them having less opportunities to have face to face contact with professionals in the world of work, as a result of a reduction in work experience placements and an increase in working from home.

To make young people feel at ease and to attract experienced business professionals to fully interact and embrace them , promoting a two way learning for both through intergenerational networking is key.

With Gen Z bringing a skillset and having an entrepreneurial mindset which is so desirable in the new world of work, experienced professionals have a lot to learn from them, outside of just hearing their fresh perspectives.



5) Topics

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The topics that are discussed during the career event could make or break it, with engagement, empowerment and connection closely linked to what is being talked about and how relevant it is to the audience.

For your event to really stand out, discussing new work/career related topics or going deeper than others into those that have already been discussed, will really help create the environment and engagement that will help you create a successful career event.

Look at what is trending, or even better, predict what topics will be trending in the near future, which young people and businesses will want to hear about.


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