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10 Key Takeaways from Gen Z Talks 1st Global Event

Gen Z Talks Global Event Series (Australia) – Employability, Engaging With Young People’s Futures, The Future Workplace and the Gen Z Talent Retention Global Crisis
July 14, 2022
Gen Z Talks Law Bootcamp – Intergenerational Networking – Panel Discussions and Entrepreneurship Activities
August 8, 2022

10 Key Takeaways from Gen Z Talks 1st Global Event


Last week, we held our first ever virtual global event and listened to the voices of 4 Gen Z leaders from 4 different continents – Oceania, Europe, Asia and Africa.


They shared their views on how to increase employability for young people, how to engage with young people’s futures, improving the future workplace and how to retain young talent today.


We would like to share with you 10 key takeaways from the event below, as well as the full recording of the event, which you can watch here –




10 Key Takeaways


1. Building and utilising your personal brand can be key in creating new opportunities for young people and giving them the edge in competitive roles.


2.  Use a people centric approach when engaging with young people’s futures. Look at what they like to do, why they like what they do and what they are good at. Teacher/Career advisors can then help connect their passion and skills with potential careers that align with them.


3. More immersive “real life work experiences” need to be created, to help better prepare young people for the working world.


4. Retention of young talent will increase, if more opportunities are provided for young people to see what working life is like in different industries, before they enter them.


5. More employers need to get into schools earlier, to share insights and information which can get more young people motivated at an earlier age, as well as being able to identify with new jobs that they wouldn’t normally hear about.


6. More young people need to be proactive and network to be able to familiarise themselves with different professions, as well as create new opportunities for themselves.


7. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Most experienced professionals are willing to share their knowledge and key insights, which will help you to make big decisions that are needed to be made earlier in your career.


8. Create a simple workplace which focuses on social media tools for communication, as a way of appealing to the Gen Z worker.


9.  Companies need to continue to invest in upskilling of the workforce and this is a major attraction for young talent today when choosing what company to work for.


10. More companies need to tap into the entrepreneurial mindset of Gen Z and create a culture which lets this spirit flourish.


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